Rasmus Erik Voel Jensen

I write, debug, and optimise code,
  analyse data, and make HTML5-widgets,
  collaborate with all levels of stakeholders.

Contact: RasmusErik Voel Jensen, [email protected]

Selected professional experience:

  • HTML5 widgets, such as 360º-viewer, and graph visualisation of library data.
  • Backends, such as combining data sources to live event stream, and mining usage-data yielding recommendation service.
  • Problem solving for web agency, ie. performance+portability+mobile optimisation, implementing visual effects
  • Bugfixing JavaScript engines Rhino(Java), SpiderMonkey(Firefox), – also implemented my own JavaScript dialect for low-end devices
  • Creating/teaching university courses, and doing conference presentations
  • Getting search engine into production, including automating acceptance tests from stakeholders, implementing query optimisations etc.
  • Project management in digitisation project, hiring, making software for improving workflow, etc.
  • Runtime x86-machine code analysis for partial evaluation. Performance optimisation of mathematical simulation.

I also spend time on my son, dancing, playing music, yoga, writing, reading, bicycling, tinkuy, toastmasters, nature, vegetarian cooking, and much more.