Sprint #2

Held data science workshop. Set-up new server including: etherpad and nextcloud.


Sysadm (8.1)

  • Move websites from old rasmuserik.com server to new veduz.com server.
  • Use new server as proxy for github projects instead of CloudFlare (add https for 20 projects per week due to letsencrypt rate limit)
  • Set up web statistics collection
  • Set up etherpad
  • Set up nextcloud

Mycrud (4.3)

  • Read up on WordPress plugin development
  • Make WordPress docker development setup

Data Science Workshop (4.2)

  • Held data science workshop for librarians for BF at DSSL/KUB

Misc (3.5)

  • Plan/review
  • Prepare DDB idea workshop

Website (3.4)


  • Buy/rent server
  • Fix missing vat registration