µ1: remote camera, and QR codes

The focus this sprint was to begin building a stop-motion movie creation app for my son, – and also play with IPFS in the browser.

I made a small web/app that connects a camera(phone) to a computer by taking a picture of a QR-code, and the streams the preview of the camera to the computer. this is the first step, – as the the stop motion app should remote control the camera. It does not use server, but coordinates via IPFS-pubsub, which turns out to be quite unstable (it is in alpha), and thus the app only works sometimes. It is online on https://camera-remote.veduz.com

When developing, it turned out that a qr-reading web-app, that automatically opens links would be practical, so I also made that on: https://qr.veduz.com


  • learned more about ipfs, camera, webrtc video, qr-codes
  • npx npm-check-updates -u
  • keep create-react-app service worker disabled during dev
  • ipfs pubsub currently unstable and needed config: EXPERIMENTAL.pubsub = true and config.Addresses.Swarm[0] = '/dns4/ws-star.discovery.libp2p.io/tcp/443/wss/p2p-websocket-star' in order to work
  • neutrino not as mature create-react-app, staying with the latter for the time being
  • KISS, skipping redux for rapid prototype