µSprints, or microsprints, is an approach to productivity, which I am currently developing / experimenting with. It combines ideas from hackathons, scrum sprints, and general problem solving.

A µsprint is 12-24 hours of concentrated work, with a clear focus, and tangible results.

Preparing a µsprint consist of:

  • scheduling blocks of time for deep work in the coming days, of total 12-24 hours
  • choosing a topic / focus area
  • remove all distractions before the actual work (ie. disable notifications, workplace ready, supplies of water, fruit etc.)

The actual hacksprint consist of 4 parts:

  • Explore approaches, decide on direction for what should be created and how.
  • Create the the target / artifacts of the sprint – this could be code, writing, recording of a performance, drawing …
  • Release the artifacts – make them available, and announce it to target audience.
  • Review the sprint and note down take-aways to remember. Also review previous sprints in spaced repetition (2/5/10/20/50/100/200/…).