µ5: WebGL / Babylon.js

My focus this µsprint was to dive into WebGL/3d and babylon.js. The sprint resulted in two prototypes:

Procedural generated landscape – generated through subdividing a square and adding noise. And then building a mesh from these data.

VR visualisation of book recommendations (Best viewed with VIVE or similar desktop vr). Slow to load due to underlying services. This loads recommendations and covers for ca. 100 books, and then lay them out automatically visually using a force based algorithm. Visualisation is optimised for room-scale VR, where you can move around and look closer at the books.


  • Babylon.js
    • Version 4.0 to be released soon, – tree shaking,
    • Mesh generation
    • Sprites
    • 3D Vector math
    • Cameras, – ease of VR-development
  • Vanilla webpack setup with defaults + webpack-cli
  • Development on slow old laptops => good performance of developed code…