µ9: HTML5-video recording, WordPress js/plugin development


  • record-camera experiment on https://record-camera.solsort.com
  • changed scripts according to new tue-thu / fri-mon structure
  • update various notes / strategy etc.
  • mycrud-project: start looking into php-implementation
  • bibdata-project – prepare some data, and scaffold wordpress plugin development environment


  • Lack of video recording support on current iOS devices (possibly solved with safari 13 some months from now)
  • Getting into WordPress APIs and PHP
  • Custom OS Android phones https://stats.lineageos.org/ – beryllium seems to be popular / supported, but rooting seems like a hazzle, though Xiaomi still is more open than Samsung. Conclusion is that OnePlus is the best bet, if FairPhone is not an option (FairPhone is still the best / most open).
  • Need server setup for better iPad web development, due to https-requirement for certain web features. Solution will probably be a dev-server with ttyd behind securing proxy.
  • webpack –watch combined with browser-sync and wordpress-docker for semi-live wordpress js (+php)  development.