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Solsort is a one-man company, that does development sprints with weekly delivery, primarily within the following areas:

  • Digital infrastructure and solutions for libraries
  • Projects and tools for digital humanities
  • Custom branded community apps (currently in early development)

(Siden er primært på engelsk, da de fleste danske samarbejdspartnere forstår engelsk, hvorimod internationale sjældent forstår dansk).

Expertise and past projects includes:

  • Collaborations with different stakeholders from CTOs, technical teams and entrepreneurs, to university teachers, librarians and artists.
  • Frontend development, such as building digital tools that helps with specific workflows, helping startups and established companies build their products, doing freelance projects for agency, and working consultant in larger company, etc.
  • Backend development and operations, such as development APIs for the danish national library infrastructure, maintaining server running various production services, etc.
  • Data science, such as deep learning image recognition, linked open data, recommender systems, etc.
  • Workshops and guest lectures at different organisation, such as company, professional union, and university.
  • Own projects, such as recommender system that I got in use in 20%+ of the danish public libraries, and sold to larger company. And many other projects.

Contact Rasmus Erik for more details.

Recent development sprints here