is the company of

RasmusErik Voel Jensen

Creative Computer Scientist / KodeKunstner
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Current company activities

  • Consulting/software development for medium sized company creating infrastructure for the danish libraries
  • Holding company for the Veduz ApS (etc.) – this is where most of the future activities will happen.

Past company activities

  • Data science workshop for University of Copenhagen, Department of Information Studies
  • Consulting/software development for very promising danish startup with focus on employee training / HR for large companies
  • Experiments / Data Science on empirically based literary genre definitions
  • Creation of utility app for semi-automatic generation of cover pages
  • Working prototype of a new kind of live code editing environment
  • Bid on public tender for mobile app in consortium with other company (which we did not win)
  • Fully functional prototype of mobile library web/app
  • Initial version of app for facility management startup (failed project)
  • Consulting/software development for medium sized company creating infrastructure for the danish libraries
  • Web/app prototype for competition on app using cultural data (won the competition)
  • Experiments / Computer Science research into touch based programming languages
  • Recommendation service, with better performance and results than competitors (could not sell due to political reasons)
  • Consulting/software development for at startup in education sector in its early phase
  • Backend for large digital art project
  • Visualisation of relations between library materials / website addon
  • Consulting/software development for web bureau
  • … and many other smaller web/apps, projects, and prototypes.

Feel free to inquire about details about any of above.


  • Hardcore Computer Science and problem solving
  • Development of web/apps
  • Dialog with non-technical end-users, including clarification of business logic and goals
  • Full-stack software development, experience includes:
    • Languages: JavaScript, Clojure/Script, Java, C/C++, Python, Shell-scripting, low-level machine code, …
    • Technologies: React/Redux, Postgres, CouchDB, LevelDB, re-frame, Docker, SpiderMonkey, ElasticSearch, IPFS, Anaconda/Jupyter and friends, linked data, WebRTC, WebAssembly, …
    • Agile development, test driven development, scrum, project management, UX-design, open source, usability, …

Feel free to reach out for more details / including references for the activities above.