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Solsort is the name of the company (and homepage) of Rasmus Erik.

Data science, software development, and entrepreneurship

  • Own projects, and partly available for interesting collaborations in my one-man company "Solsort" (which has been my primary source of income for 10+ years). Now based in LightHouse-SC
  • Part-time data scientist in the AI-team at DBC Digital A/S since 2024, which allows me to work/play with really interesting machine learning (DBC is developing and hosting important danish AI projects).
  • Background: coding software since childhood, MSc. in Computer Science from University of Copenhagen, and doing project management and close collaboration with stake-holders on all levels.

Humanities, arts, and climate

  • Studying religion at department of cross-cultural studies at University of Copenhagen, with an interest in esoteric religion and antropological methods.
  • Learning Chinese in the fall/spring 2024/2025, as I would like to dive more into eastern philosophy and religion. (And it would also be nice to able to read Chinese research articles).
  • Passionate about dancing(lindy hop / swing, contact impro, ecstatic dance, swing-contact-tango-fusion, etc) and climate(XR, Climate Fresk)
  • Focus on digital humanities, and combining my technical background with a more qualitative approach.

"Solsort" means "blackbird" in danish. It is an easy word to remember and quite poetic (it literally means sun-black).