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Weekly movement

Every week:

  • take time for yourself to plan and review your week. Putting words on your intentions is the first step to make them reality.
  • connect with friends and exchange status. Sharing deepens relations. Exchanging adds accountability.

That’s it. Be a part of the tribe by reflecting on your week, and help your friends doing the same.

Pearson’s law: That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.

Get Started

How to join the weekly movement:

  1. Set the intention. Decide that you want to do weekly review and exchange.
  2. Open your calendar. Find a time slot in your weekly schedule to dedicate to yourself. Possibly set a weekly alarm to remind yourself to do this.
  3. Choose how you do your weekly review. Start out simple: You could just look through your calendar. You could write down what you feel gratitude for. Or you could do something completely different.
  4. Do the weekly review. Preferably now.
  5. Make a list of potential friends to exchange with. Friends, family, acquaintances on “social” media, or people that you just know are part of weekly movement.
  6. Tell them about the idea of weekly review and exchange. Ask them if they feel like exchanging.
  7. Repeat the review and exchange every week.

When you do this, you are formally a member of the weekly movement 😉


The weekly review is time for yourself, where you reflect on your life, and plan the coming week. An approach could be to write down the answers to (some of) these questions:

  • What do you feel gratitude for in the past week?
  • What have you learned about or stumbled upon? Inspirational quotes, things read, interesting websites or videos, topics studied.
  • What would you like to improve, what is your challenge? And what concrete action or change will you do the coming week
  • Measurable habits/goals (such as 2x going to the gym, or read at least 50 pages in a book, or write 1 blog post, or …). What is your status last week, and your intention next week?
  • What are the major things in your calendar for the past and coming week?
  • What is your focus next week?

Choose which of these things you want to share, and then do the weekly exchange. You will become more accountable towards your own goals, when you state and report on them to your friends.

The best way to do weekly reviews varies with person and time. Refine and find your own approach to your weekly review.

Other ideas and inspiration for the weekly review:

  • Make a drawing or a poem about the past week / coming week
  • Go through the photos you have taken in the week, and choose one
  • Clear your inboxes
  • Review you strategic goals
  • Prune your backlog and choose next tasks
  • Go through your task list and determine next actions
  • Write down what you have achieve the past week


Why share your weekly status:

  • Communicating your plans makes you more accountable towards your own goals.
  • A weekly exchange, makes it more likely that you keep the good habit of a weekly review and planning.
  • You might get valuable feedback or inspiration.
  • It strengthens your network, and deepens your connections with those you exchange with.
  • You get insight into what your friends are focusing on, which gives you the possibility to help them, if you stumble upon something relevant for them.

Suggestions for possible things to share:

  • Your intentions, goals and plans that you want to be held accountable towards.
  • Status on how things are going forward, to follow up on last weeks plan.
  • Inspiration: websites, videos, quotes, articles, etc. that you have stumbled upon, and others might benefit from seeing.
  • Ideas about what you (could) do, to have a positive impact on the world.
  • Other things from you weekly review, or things you think is important to share. If you write what you are looking for, it might show up through your network.

Things to remember:

  • It is important for the habit, that you exchange one status every week. “Too busy this week” is also a status.
  • The weekly status is personal growth, – be humble and focus on the positive side.
  • There is only one status per week per person, – so you can just check it once per week, before you do you own weekly review. It is a weekly exchange, not a discussion forum.
  • You are not required to give feedback or read the details other status, – though it is a very good way to connect.
  • It is a mutual exchange. Only send status to people who also want to share regularly with you. The weekly movement is a network with deep connections. If you want an audience, use a mailing list or asocial media.
  • You can send different subsets of your weekly review to different groups of friends. There are things you tell your close friends, that you do not share with acquaintances.
  • Motivate your friends, by including inspiring content, or follow up with a message to them them with feedback to what they write.

About Weekly Movement

It started with weekly reviews with friends, and thought it was a good habit to share with others. It is inspired by ideas of GTD weekly review, SCRUM, Habitica and a TED-talk about tribes.

The vision is that this may transform into a true social network with deep connections between people, who actively make a positive change in the world.