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The Climate Crisis and biodiversity loss
are way bigger than the Corona Crisis,
but like boiled frogs we are slow to react.

We need to act now.

  • We are in the middle of the sixth mass extinction, – earlier mass extinctions includes the demise of the dinosaurs.
  • If we are lucky, then the global warming will "only" result in: more extreme weather, extinction of species, increased poverty / famine, and mass climate refugees.
  • There is a risk that the global warming might cascade other processes, that accelerates the warming. In the worst case, this jeopardizes the habitability of the planet.

As individuals in the society we can make a big difference:

  • Read up on the situation, and share your knowledge. Talk with your friends about the situation. The scientific facts are clear. To do something, we need to acknowledge the magnitude of the issue, – even though it is more comfortable to repress it.
  • Vote with your money, move pension funds and investments to more sustainable investments. Prioritise climate i behaviour and consumption.
  • Focus on influencing companies and organisations that you connect with towards more focus on climate.
  • Be a part of organisations and movements, that works for a better climate.

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