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2023w52: JED Bibliographic Format • History of Ideas • Working in Public.

The projects I have been working on the past week was:

  • Starting on challenge to get an overview of history of ideas in approx 3 weeks.
  • New sprint structure, including intention of weekly public retrospective
  • Looking into the JED Bibliographic Format, and getting to know the FBI-API.

Key takeaways:

  • Plan/intention for new sprint structure (subject to change).
  • Revival of old 5x5 mnemotechnique
  • Initial mapping of "history of ideas" course content
  • ChatGPT experiments, including custom instructions, to make it useful for study pracitice.
  • Brushing up on GraphQL. FBI-API is easy to work with, and the JED-data-model is richer than the old DKABM-JSONLD

History of Ideas

A while ago I signed up for a 5th semester university course on the "History of Ideas", which sounds really interesting. Unfortunately I could only attend 3 out 27 lectures, and have had no time to read on the topic until the past week. So now I challenging myself to use a couple of weeks to dive into the topic, – and I'll try to go to the exam in 15 days, for the fun it, and as an external motivation.

Some years ago, I was playing with an idea about using a 5x5 grid as a mnemotechnique for learning stuff, – so I am also reviving this idea, and have stuffed the philosophers/thinkers into this:

Platon Aristoteles (Diogenes) Sextus Epikur
Luther Aquinas Descartes (Confucius) (Yang Chu)
Kierkegaard Kant Spinoza ((Hume, Carnap)) Mo Tzu
Bultman Heidegger (Wittgenstein) Nietzsche Mill
Løgstrup Beauvoir Phillips Bataille Nussbaum

With proper Custom Instructions ChatGPT4 works well as a personal tutor/trainer. You can ask question(even in Danish) like: "Ask me a question related to a random of the topics I am studying?", "How is SOME-IDEA related to the topics I am studying?", etc. for interactive practice. Of course all replies should be fact-checked. My custom instructions includes an overview of required literature:

Studying history of ideas, want to know more about the following texts/philosophers and their context:

Plato/Platon: Phaedo / Faidon
Epicurus/Epikur: Letter to Menoeceus / Brev til Menoikeus
Aristotle/aristoteles: Nicomachean Ethics / Den Nikomachæiske Etik
Mozi/Mo Tzu: Universal Love / 兼愛
Aquinas: On Law (from Summa Theologica) / Om loven
Luther: On Secular Authority / Om lydighed mod den verdslige øvrighed
Descartes: Meditations / Meditationer
Spinoza: Theologico-Political Treatise / Teologisk-politisk afhandling
Kant: Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals / Grundlæggelse af moralens metafysik
Kierkegaard: Philosophiske Smuler
J.S. Mill: Utilitarianism
Nietzsche: On the Genealogy of Morality / Zur Genealogie der Moral
Heidegger: Being and Time / Sein und Zeit
de Beauvoir: The Ethics of Ambiguity
Rudolf Bultmann: New Testament and Mythology / Det nye testamente og mytologien (Mytologi og bibelforståelse)
K.E. Løgstrup: The Ethical Demand / Etiske begreber og problemer
Bataille: The Accursed Share
D.Z. Phillips: Religious Beliefs and Language-Games
Nussbaum: Women and Human Development: The Capabilities Approach

(Also secondary: Diogenes, Confucius, Yang Chu, Sextus, Hume, Heidegger, Carnap, Wittgenstein)

It is also good to feed ChatGPT a bunch of notes, and ask it extract key concepts, and point out anything which seems wrong.

Experiments using ChatGPT to generate quizzes has been interesting, – as some questions/answers where good, and others were ..ehm.. not so good.

I started a new page on ukua: for my notes + quizzes etc.

New weekly sprint structure

I am trying out a new sprint structure:

  • Internal sprint notes (in markdown in a new git private repository), with the following entries each week:
    • initial planning/checklist
    • time tracking
    • note taking
    • retrospective
  • Retrospective blog post (like this)
  • Image/icon/illustration for blog post etc.
  • (At some point I would also like to make a very short <1min retrospective video week).
  • (At some point, – if I get into a habit with above, and it works well – I also want to start sharing it on asocial media, to get draw attention/PR to my company).

This is just a preliminary idea, and will probably change a lot.

JED Bibliographic format

More details (in danish) on: