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2024w09: notes • climate • cursor-library • tyskapp

Work this week has been spread across different projects:

  • Preparation for climate fresk facilitation, etc
  • Started using Obsidian for notes (works well with my existing vim+markdown setup)
  • [technical] Functional cursor library in progress (extracted from old monorepos).
    • "any"-abstraction
    • functional cursor
    • compare testing frameworks, and setup unit testing and code coverage
      • tape for unit testing – nice minimalism
      • (possibly playwrigt later for browser testing)
      • c8 for Test-coverage. Istanbul/nyc doesn't support ES6 mjs modules out of the box, and c8 "just works"
  • Tyskapp moved to run independent repository (from old monorepos)
  • Various meetings/scheduling/planning/etc.