JSON is my preferred data exchange format: it is simple, it is human readable, and it is widely adopted.

But it has one huge shortcoming: it does not support binary data.

Here I propose an extended data format DJSON, which supports binary data, and at the same time also maps nicely into plain JSON.

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Idea for simplifying authentication

What I do want from a login-service: authenticated users should return a public+private-key. I do not care about the login-provider, as long as I get a users pecific public+private key, as that is the thing I need for distributed untrusted apps.

The idea is to implement this as a separate service, that decouples getting a keypair from login-method and login-provider.
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After I stumbled upon ipfs, I have been thinking a bit about how to implement an efficient data storage / database on top of this, especially targeting linked open data. This has resulted in the following data structures / algorithms, which I would be very curious to implement later, to see how it performs in practise.

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