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Digital Humanities

(notes for presentation at the course "Introduction to digital humanities and to the digital treatment of language data")

Current project within digital humanities (Just a small "Individually Studied Area" within my study):

  • Digital humanities in the study of religion
    • Literature survey
    • Qualitative interviews with researchers about research methods
    • Genres in religious texts (case of digital humanities applied within study of religion)

Genres in religious texts

  • How are text genres used as literary device across different religious texts?
    • Genres includes parables, sermons/lectures, myths/tales, genealogies, dialogues, etc.
  • Corpus in progress
    • Publicly available english translations of religious texts from different cultures (abrahamic, hindu, buddhist, native, etc.).
    • Selected from collection of religious/spiritual texts though in slightly messy html-format) and Guthenberg
  • Method
    1. Identification of textual genres form structured sampling.
    2. Mapping of the use of the genres across the religious texts. (Using ML(probably random forest, DNN or similar) on top of textual embeddings, using 1. as training data)
    3. Analysis of how the genres are used, looking at the larger picture

Digital humanities in the study of religion

General investigation on how digital humanities can be applied in the study of religion. Also foundation for my future projects.

  • Literary survey/mapping of recent activities with in digital humanities and the study of religion
    • Structured search strategy "digital humanities" within Bibliography of the Study of Religion and ATLA Religion Databse since 2020, – yielding ca. 140 materials
    • Coding and analysis of this collection
  • Qualitative interview with academics about their research methods etc.
    • Researchers within the study of religion (not necessarily applying digital humanities methods)
    • Researchers applying digital humanities methods (not necessarily within study of religion).
  • Case study of application of digital humanities to an area with the study of religion: genres across religious texts