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I enjoy building small web/apps, proof-of-concepts, and experiments.

Current projects in development / testing:

  • – Unofficial KU App – initially just a "Unofficial KUA" website to see if it could gaing traction (KUA is just one of the KU campusses).
  • German/Danish culture app (commissioned project)
    • Generic data backend running on WordPress (used by German/Danish-culture app)
    • Form-based data editor (used by German/Danish-culture app)
  • – personal/company-website. Recently switched to WordPress
    • Under development: experiments with drop-shipping: entrefire/solsort/ukua-gear, climate-gear, algorithmic designed gear
  • Zooming list editor and semivisual programming language (moonshot project)

Needs polish and rerelease with new app-approach:

  • combigame – a game with pattern recognition TODO: better feedback + statistics
  • Quiz widget that can be embedded in WordPress etc., with AI-generated quizzes, for efficient learning.
  • Runicode – utility to write runes etc.

Project-ideas / backlog:

  • aggregated calendar widget (for ukua, and more)
  • tool for exploring literary trends (book-map, trends over time)
  • live statistics + performance tool
  • LLM-based recommender system (for blogs etc).
  • Various data science projects

Various old experiments and micro-apps listed below (to be refactored).


Util / education

Other / unsorted