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Ongoing projects, and top of backlog:


  • Semi-automatic generic book cover generator, including tool that allows librarians and designers bulk-create images for library materials that are missing covers.
  • Tool that allows non-techical users to edit JSON data, in an ordinary form.
  • Runicode utility for runic writing
  • Danish spelling practise and english learning game for kids ("Stave Battle")

Data Science:

  • Litterature recommender system and widget for danish libraries.
  • Making bibliographic data more accessible as linked data
  • New children-litterature recommender
  • Planned: religion / digital humanities projects, getting into kaggle-competitions, and climate projects


  • – unofficial university website
  • Quiz widget, – for integrating (AI-generated) quizzes into websites
  • MyCRUD data storage, that makes it possible to use existing WordPress installations as generic backend for Apps.
  • (Including custom WordPress Theme, with animated transitions)


  • Hierachical data editor, and programming language with zoomable user interface (moonshot-project under development)
  • Designing physical printable objects – custom t-shirts etc. Book "Idehistorie" made in collaboration with AI.

Also check out list of small web/apps.