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2024w08: • digital humanities • recommender

This week I relaunched Aggregated calendar (giving an overview of the different KU-calendars). New theme (based on the theme, to which I added support fo customisations and various fixes). Major rewrite of a lot of the content. And I worked on various other projects: Progress on new litterature recommender for the public libraries […]

2024w07: Strategy • recommender • crowdfunding proposal • appwrapper

This sprint I started working on a new library recommender system. I also wrote: Updated company strategy. Call for crowdfunding among danish public libraries. Various content on Some code experiments for extracting IMS-reports using Puppeteer and Selenium. An app-wrapper script for demo’ing webapps: Summary of the strategy is, that I will focus on […]

2024w06: BibData • libraries • digital humanities

This week I designed/implemented a simple webapp, bibdata, for showing the library recommendations and bibliographic data. It can be seen here: The motivation for the webapp is to have a place to demo future recommendation algorithms and compare them with the current one, – as well as having an easy way to find/view the […]

2024w05: Mobile WordPress Theme • Administrative Stuff

The results this sprint has been twofold: Create mobile wordpress theme. Update desing and content for Administrative stuff: accounting, annual report for company, taxes, company strategy, etc. Utilitarian Mobile WordPress Theme Design goals for the theme: Maximize screen estate when running fullpage widgets/apps Easy to use – recognisable interaction elements App-like feel, and mobile-friendly […]

2024w04: “Stave Battle” – educational app proof-of-concept

Results on projects I have been working on in the past week: Made working proof-of-concept of "Stave Battle" – a language/spelling practise game: Stave Battle "Stave Battle" er et undervisningsspil under udvikling, som gamificerer træning af dansk stavning og engelsk læsning. Her er interaktivt eksempel på gameplay: Idéer til videreudvikling: Tilpasning af spørgsmål. Automatisk […]

2024w03: MyCRUD generic app backend – WordPress plugin

Results on projects I have been working on in the past week: MyCRUD generic structured data storage backend Implemented it as WordPress plugin Documented it on Did various very crude client experiments on Passed exam in History of Ideas (Idehistorie) Prepared and submitted "Idehistorie"-notes as book for printing Prepared supporting documents for accountant […]

2024w02: History of ideas – creating a book

The projects I have been working on the past week was: Finish "Idehistorie" book proof-of-concept (with help of AI): Various follow-up and planning related to public library projects. Key takeaways: General overview of the history of ideas 🙂 Upscayl for upscaling images. Brush up on book print-on-demand (will get it printed next sprint)

2024w01: History of Ideas – creating a book

The projects I have been working on the past week was: Experiments with making a small book together with ChatGPT with overview/notes the "History of Ideas", and thereby also learn about the topic myself. It is in danish and based on a university course I am following, – the quality is quite low, but here […]

2023w52: JED Bibliographic Format • History of Ideas • Working in Public.

The projects I have been working on the past week was: Starting on challenge to get an overview of history of ideas in approx 3 weeks. New sprint structure, including intention of weekly public retrospective Looking into the JED Bibliographic Format, and getting to know the FBI-API. Key takeaways: Plan/intention for new sprint structure (subject […]

Noter om JED (bibliografiske format)

Jeg har kigge lidt på JED-formatet, og her er nogle noter om dette: Generelt indtryk Små idéer/forslag til forbedringer Stikprøve med bibliografiske data for at se hvilke felter der benyttes praksis Generelt indtryk JED-formatet er et stort fremskridt. Data rigere end hvad man man får ud af openplatform(simpel/direkte mapping fra DKABM til JSON-LD). gør […]